Microsoft Azure Dev for Teaching

This article provides a basic description of Microsoft Azure Dev for Teaching on the OPF.

Microsoft Azure Dev for Teaching (or originally MSDN Academic Alliance, Microsoft Imagine or more recently Azure Dev Tools for Teaching) is a Microsoft licensing program that provided member departments or faculty with an unlimited number of licenses of selected products for teaching and research purposes - for classrooms, labs, for teachers, and for students to install on their home computers for academic and teaching use.

The username is in the form (e.g. The password is the same as for CRO (mail, ISSU)

What is included in the programme

Operating systems (Windows)

Server products (Windows Server, SQL, …)

Visual Studio .NET

Applications. Not included are, for example, Microsoft Office components (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) or applications for home users (games, educational software, etc.).

Information on accessing Office is not available HERE

Who can benefit from the programme

  • SU students - on their home computers. They may continue to use the software after graduation, but may not reinstall it (e.g. when reinstalling a computer). The operating system should only be installed as a base for other MSDN AA products.
  • SU teachers - Academic staff may install MSDN AA software on their own computers free of charge for use in teaching, non-commercial research and personal non-commercial projects. IT support staff whose role is to maintain the member department's laboratories may also install MSDN AA software on their own computers for non-commercial purposes.

As of February 2019, the MSDN AA program has been renamed Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and can be found at the new address

The original MSDN AA program

This text is about the original service.

ELMS is a web-based system used to manage the licensing and distribution of software in the MSDN AA program.

The front page of the system for OPF SU can be found at here

Login is via the Sign In button redirecting you to the OPF SU authentication server where you enter your OPFNET access credentials. I.e. the same as to e.g. mail, stag etc.

Next you select the required SW and the following sequence : “Add To Cart” → “Check Out” → “I Agree” → “Proceed with Order”. The installation/activation key can be seen on this page. You can then download the software via Download Options. The downloader will download. This is approx. 0.5 MB large .exe file, which downloads, verifies and unzips the encrypted installation directory or disk image (.ISO).

To log out, please close the entire browser. If you fail to log in, restart the browser.


MSDN AA Administrator: Ing. Jakub Ježíšek

Contact address:

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