What is IPTV

IPTV is a way of receiving TV. The receiver is not the TV, but your PC. This service is only available from the OPF internal network.

Important notice

By receiving this broadcast, your PC becomes a television receiver and is subject to the same legal obligations. In other words, you must have paid the czech licence fees.

How to do it

To receive, you will need preferably the program vlc. But other multimedia programs that can receive an MPEG stream will also serve.

  • Windows. videolan.org
  • Linux: vlc is certainly part of your distribution, use the package manager to install it.


The only way to receive TV is to use multicast. This technology will allow less load on the network, as the stream is distributed only once, not to everyone individually.


The easiest way is to directly use the m3u(iptv-opf.m3u) playlist, located on the G:\iptv drive, if you are logged into the faculty network and have the vlc program installed.

Download the m3u playlist for VLC ZIP, if you don't want to log in.

Alternatively, use these addresses:

  CT1 udp://@
  CT2 udp://@
  CT24 udp://@
  CTSport udp://@
  CTD udp://@
  New udp://@
  Nova Cinema udp://@
  Barrandov udp://@
  Prima udp://@
  Prima COOL udp://@
  Prima LOVE udp://@
  Prima Zoom udp://@ 
  Óčko TV udp://@
  OckoGold TV udp://@
  Polar TV udp://@
  Šlágr TV udp://@  
  Fanda udp://@
  Telka udp://@
  Smichov udp://@
  Pohoda Relax udp://@
  Pohoda Rebel udp://@
  Inzert udp://@

Comments, support

For comments and suggestions please use OPF helpdesk system .

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