Introduction - Eduroam what is it?

The Eduroam project is a network primarily designed for Wi-Fi access. With an Eduroam identity, you can log in seamlessly to the network at any of the institutions supporting Eduroam. For more info see or


More about EDUROAM


If you have any problems with access, please contact us in person or by email at We can provide Eduroam support to users from other organisations if required.

Warning. IIT staff cannot deal with all users individually and set up their laptop. In the first instance, you need to try to set up your laptop yourself by following the instructions. In case you have not read the instructions, we cannot help you.

Covered locations

Eduroam is on all buildings of the university. Specifically, the access points are located:

University Square Building (main building)

  Foyer at VS - covers VS, the foyer, the ground floor of Building A and part of University Square
  Corridor at the MS - covers the MS, the canteen, the study room and the auditorium.
  1st floor A building
  2nd floor Building A
  3rd floor Building A, including the area by the Dean's Office
  4th floor building A, classroom A501
  2nd floor Building B
  3rd floor Building B

The entire building on University Square is now covered. If you notice a degraded signal anywhere, please report it to us. Weak spots may still be covered.

Vyhlídka building

  0th floor of the building with classrooms VC008 and VC010
  Faculty Professional Library
  Auditorium and classrooms in part E
  1st floor building B

Click to view mapa coverage in the Czech Republic

IP Addresses, FW and Restrictions

The Eduroam network is located outside the SU internal network. Only publicly accessible services (web, mail,…) are allowed to access the SU internal network. To access other resources on the SU network, you need to use VPN access. Connectivity to the Internet is monitored and filtered.

The address space is non-public, the address is assigned from the DHCP server from the address range -

Connection conditions

  Each roaming user is required to follow the roaming terms and conditions of the host 
  and home networks and the CESNET Academic Acceptable Use Policy - 
  Each roaming user is required to respond promptly to calls and instructions from the administration 
  of the guest and home network and the CESNET Roaming Centre.
  Each roaming user is fully responsible for any misuse of his/her personal data 
  (password, certificate,...) allowing him/her to access the network.
  Furthermore, for users, the use of the service is also subject to Rector's Directive 17 
  of 2004 - Rules for the use of the computer network of the SU in Opava
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