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Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technologies (abbreviated UIT in Czech language) is a department of the School of Business Administration in Karviná (SBA) of the Silesian University in Opava (SU), which ensures the use of information technology in the teaching process as well as in the operation of study, economic and administrative agendas.
The UIT manages the faculty's computer network and operates the faculty's comprehensive information system.
UIT participates in teaching computer science courses and is involved in faculty research.

Information system - IS SU

Website Information System - IS SU contains all important information for users of the SU Student Information System .

Services for users

Website SERVICES FOR USERS contains an overview of the most important things a student/employee should know about.


On the page GUIDELINES you will find the most important tutorials for working in the SU OPF network.
For example: Setting up wifi on the SU OPF, instructions for how to create or change a password, instructions on HelpDesk and more…


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