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Trace: VPN connection

VPN connection

Attention. You log in to the VPN with your Eduroam CRO credentials. For more information, please visit Seting up the Eduroam

This service is used to connect the computer of an employee (or student) who is connected on the road or at home as if he/she were connected locally to the SU network. Thanks to this, it is then possible to connect to all ICT resources (servers, information systems, etc.) available only within the university network. A virtual private network client must be installed on the computer. Typical use is to connect a home computer or laptop while travelling.

We have a newer OpenVPN server and should have no problems 
IPV6 will work as well (you get public IPV6 when you connect  
  • WARNING You can only log in once per login.
  • NOTICE You will be given a dynamic, non-guaranteed address within the VPN. If you want a static one or have other requirements (routing), please contact us with your requirements at
  • NOTICE To log into openvpn you use your EDUROAM password, unlike other services where you authenticate with your CRO identity. The login name is the same as the CRO (novell, horde, stag - xyz0001).


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