Software used by the UIT at the SBA

List of Software used at in classrooms and elsewhere in the SBA network

The list is not up-to-date.

Commercial software commonly available in classrooms

  • Microsoft Windows (various versions) - Campus contract licenses
  • Microsoft Office (various versions) - Campus contract licences
  • Microsoft Project - MS Select license
  • Microsoft Visio - license within MS Select
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 21 - license for the study room of PhD students from the project (verification server)
  • Expert Choice - classroom license from the project
  • COMFAR III - Classroom license from the project (verification server)
  • Eviews - Classroom license from the project (verification server)
  • Rational Software Architect 6.0 - individual licenses
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) - licenses for education
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • AVG (various versions) - licenses under contract with fy. AVG
  • Codexis - network license
  • Adobe Webpremium CS6 - individual licences
  • Simul8 - individual licences
  • ArcGis - classroom licenses from the project (verification server)

Other software at OPF

  • Adobe CS3 Web Premium - single licences
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 - individual licences
  • Zoner Contex - individual licences
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