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Printing on OPF SU

Printing system i set to CREDIT. That means, that if you don't have money in your ISKaM account, you will not be able to Print. Location of printer is always in the name. Always double-check, where do you send your print!

Where can I find the printing system?

Information about the printing system is found HERE. The page serves to check your print jobs. For instance, you can see the price of the job or it it is rejected because of insufficient credit.

Users and the credit system

The system recognizes two types of users. Staff and students. Students are set to the credit system:

  • Student will need to put money in the ISKaM. The account is identical with the one for the accommodation.
  • By printing or copying, the jobs are accounted for and paid with the credit in the ISKaM.

It is impossible for Students to have a negative credit. Meaning, they cannot have less than 0,-CZK on their ISKaM account.

Types of printing queues in SafeQ


Direct print will be immediately sent to the selected printer.


Secure print is sent to the server, where its stored. After authentication on the selected printer with your ID card, you can select it and print it. In labs, you can find this queue in printers under name OPF SafeQ Secure.


If not changed, color is set to automatic. Be careful, the price of color print is higher! The system will recognize between color and black and white pages.

Depositing money on ISKaM account?

This can be done in person on the reception of the Vyhlidka dormitory, the library on Vyhlidka, or cash desk on Main building (A109). Student ID card is needed for pairing of deposit with your account.


Prices for prints are as follows:

  Black A4 - 1,- CZK
  Black duplex A4 - 2,- CZK
  Black A3 - 2,- CZK
  Black duplex A3 - 4,- CZK
  Color A4 - 2,50,- CZK
  Color duplex A4 - 5,- CZK
  Color A3 - 5,- CZK
  Color duplex A3 - 10,- CZK

Available printers for Students

A431KM C308A4/A3
corridor of the dean's officeKM C458A4/A3
receptionKM C450iA4/A3
EdulabKM C4050iA4/A3
library Na VyhlídceKM C280A4/A3

Copying on OPF SU

Ctudent can copy their files on same devices as for printing. After authentication with the student ID card, pick “Copy” and follow on-screen details.


Same as with the printing.

Scanning on OPF SU

After authentication on the printer, pick the “Scan”. On the touchscreen pick the target (e.g. your mail).

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