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Central Register of Persons (CRO)

CRO registration and account management

Basic information

Every user of services and ICT systems on the university has been assigned an unique e-identity (CRO). This identity will not change and will stay the same throughout every studies or employments on SU.

Accounts for students will stay active for 600 days after the end of studies.

Accounts for staff are terminated immediately after the end of the contract, if not settled otherwise.

  • CRO is generated automaticaly in shape of three letters (mostly first three letters of surname) and four numbers - for example xyz9876
  • CRO among other things is used as a login into the ICT systems and sservices on SU
  • CRO can be recovered on Personal portal (instructions here)

User name

  • CRO - most ICT systems a services on SU (for example xyz9876)
  • CRO(at) - wifi network Eduroam (for example xyz9876(at)
  • CRO(at) - service Microsoft 365 and MS Teams (for example xyz9876(at)


  • must contain minimum of eight characters
  • must contain lowercase and uppercase
  • must contain number
  • cannot contain space and other special characters


  • CRO registration in Czech can be found here
  • change/recover password or recover forgotten user name here

CRO identity is used:


Address of the email portal -

Portal IS SU

Address for information portal IS SU -


In case of problem use HelpDesk.

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