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Remote access to applications Vmware Horizon

Service VMWare Horizon View allows access to a remote virtual PC from the internet. The connection is possible from any device, that has an internet connection and a compatible browser.

server address
loginYour CRO credentials
target groupevery user (staff, student) of the OPFNET network
installed applicationsMicrosoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, IBM SPSS, eViews, MATLAB, Enterprise Architect, WITNESS Horizon, Pohoda

How to connect

Access to the website is on Horizon View.

You have two possible choices for connections

  • Web access through the browser. By using VMware Horizon HTML Access and login in with your CRO credentials. The main advantage is the ease of access without the need to install anything.
  • Access through locally installed Horizon Client. Install the client through the Install VMware Horizon Client. For Android mobile phones and tablets use Google Play. The connection through the local client is faster and more comfortable. It also allows the connection of USB flash drives or sharing of local printers.

The workstations are clones. You will be connected to a random machine. With that in mind, don't leave any work on the virtual desktop. Either save it on network disk K or in case of local installation, on your flash drive. Any files left on the virtual PC will be deleted after logging off. To access your files saved on disk K follow these instructions instructions

To report any problems, use HelpDesk.

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