Computer study rooms and classrooms

The Department of Information Technology is the main administrator of the computer study rooms and classrooms of the SBA in Karviná.

List of study rooms

Computer study rooms are intended exclusively for independent work of students. There is no teaching in the study rooms.

locationroomnumber of stationsopening hours
Main BuildingReading Room8 PCsMonday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
VyhlídkaFOK40 PCknihovna

List of classrooms

Computer classrooms are designed for teaching vocational subjects.

locationroomnumber of stationsnote
Main BuildingA21613Windows 11
Main BuildingA31813Windows 11
Main BuildingA41213Cisco Networking Academy Lab
Main BuildingA42316Windows 11
Main BuildingA40613Windows 11
Main BuildingB10121Windows 11
Main BuildingB20725Windows 11
Main BuildingB20825Windows 11
Main BuildingB30721Windows 11
Main BuildingB30833Windows 11
Main BuildingD00216macOS
VyhlídkaVC00822Windows 11
VyhlídkaVC01014Windows 11

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