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Courses Enrollment

Terms and Definitions

During enrollment you chose the courses, that you want to study. If all condition are met (free capacities, prerequisites etc.), they will be added to the list of your courses. The term for courses enrollment for all students of OPF (all forms or years of study) was set by Dean's decision n. 1/2023 to:

12.9.2023 from 17:00 to 24.9.2023 until 24:00.

Enrollment to the courses only adds the lectures. You'll need to sign into the seminar groups during this terms:

12.9.2023 from 17:00 to 24.9.2023 until 24:00.

The dates can be always found in the Schedule for chosen term.

Instruction for enrollment

First Year Students only enroll to the first term courses!

Detailed instructions for enrollment can be found HERE.

Dont forget to sign into the seminar groups!

Write off of courses can ONLY be done during the time for enrollment and then from 25.9. at 17:00 to 1. 10. 2023 until 24:00.


If the capacity of the seminar group is exhausted, send a request for the increase to the address is(at) Don't forget to add the code of the course.


In case, that you get a message telling you, that you cannot enroll to the course, you can ask the so-called Contact Person for exception ( Video instructions in Czech language). You also have to do this for the elective courses, that are marked in the list with the requirement to ask for exception. First and foremost check, whether your request is justified. For instance, if the prerequisite form, type of study, year, field or specialization (major) are matched. Don't forget to add short reason for your request (for instance: “I want ask for enrollment to the elective course.” or “There is collision in my seminars.”). Mail will be sent to your university inbox for every request and also for reactions of the Contact Persons.

In case of acceptance, your request will be automatically resolved next day or you can use this instructions ( Video instructions in Czech language).


In case you don't understands some of the information, try to look at the Help section at There you'll find Registration for and Enrollment in Courses and Timetable and Seminar Groups

My timetable

You can view the timetable before the enrollment to the courses by using the attributes after login in on this page. Make sure, that you have selected the right term under your name.

Attributes on OPF SU (for instance. PN1EME) are created by this formula:

1. positionform of study
2. positiontype of study
3. positionyear
4. - 6. positionprogramme
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