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Eduroam - Visitors information

This page provides information about eduroam for visitors at Silesian University in Opava - School of Business Administration in Karvina.


Eduroam (eduroam.org and eduroam.cz) is international project which is engaged in supporting mobility and roaming within the National Research and Education Networks (NREN). In the Czech Republic the project is carried on by the Cesnet.

This website provides information about connecting to the wireless network (WiFi) of Silesian University in Opava - School of Business Administration in Karvina which is engaged in the this project.


In the eduroam a unique identity which consist of username with @ and a realm (domain name) attached is required for identification (e.g. jezisek@opf.slu.cz). Its always necessary to provide a complete identity including a realm, since the realm is used for directing authentication requests. The username without a realm is not valid within the eduroam project.

Information about gaining your own identity can be found on web pages of your parent institution. List of connected institutions.


Eduroam support (user wireless devices, identities) is provided by each parent organization. Local network administrators can provide advices or basic support for foreign users. In case of problem with eduroam contact jezisek@opf.slu.cz or macura@opf.slu.cz Supported wireless protections

  ESSID: eduroam


Eduroam is available at School of Business Administration in Karvina main building at University square. Access points are located at:

  Foyer near Large Hall - covers LH, foyer, ground floor of building A 
  and a part of University Square Corridor near Small Hall - covers SH, 
  students' hall , study hall and Aula.
  1. floor building A
  2. floor building A
  3. floor building A, includes area near dean's office
  4. floor building A, room A501
  2. floor building B
  3. floor building B
  0. floor building B - AIESEC

Tř. Osvobození 2/1112, Karviná – Mizerov

  1. floor with classrooms - Cisco CNA, TO75

Žižkova st. 2364/56, Karviná – Mizerov

  1. floor with classrooms

Na Vyhlídce - Na Vyhlídce 1079/1

  0. floor with classrooms VC008 and VC010
  Fakultní odborná knihovna
  Aula and classrooms in part E

Click here to show map of coverage.

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