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HelpDesk OPF

If sending a request to the HelpDesk don't put the IT staff in the copy! Only use ONE of the addresses per request!

Your request can be sent to these addresses:

helpdesk(at)opf.slu.czuniversal for all kinds of requests
is(at)opf.slu.czrequests aimed at IS SU
rozvrhy(at)opf.slu.czrequests aimed at the schedule
obchod(at)opf.slu.czrequests aimed at the Shopping Center in v IS SU

Always state :

  • Subject - a short summary of the issue (e.g. problem with login)
  • Body - a detail description (add screenshot if needed)
  • Signature - Your signature and student UIN (UČO) for better communication

You can access your requests HERE

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